We'd like to help you with your building project.

We’ve found that a good way to get started is for you to visit us.  Just call
563 382 6245 or email for an appointment.  When you visit, we can show  you how we work in the shop, you can see a completed timberframe building and we'll explain our techniques and philosophy.

We’ll also discuss your project and determine how we can best work together.
Every project includes a scale model which we build and use on site as a "3D map" of the timber frame.
In addition to building spectacular traditional timber frames, Wild Rose Timberworks offers a comprehensive design service,  site evaluations and feasability estimates. We can also help with contractor selection, and provide custom insulation packages tailored to your frame, precut to minimize waste at the building site.

With plan in hand and pricing agreed upon, individual timbers for your timber frame are cut in our shop while ground work progresses at your building site.
Site ready, Chris, Dale and Mark erect your new timber frame on your foundation. Working closely with your contractor, we’ll help ensure the best possible finish for your new home.
We believe the experience of building a new home should be enjoyable throughout the process. Let us share the experience we’ve gained from all of our projects over many years with you.
Kyrl -- One Creative Guy
Wild Rose Timberworks 563 382 6245
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